Eco Center

Part of the Eco Center's mission is to provide visitors various methods and techniques used to realize environmental sustainability.  Our current propagation area is just the beginning of great plans.  Efforts are on the way to create a new venture related to making available small plots of land to urban dwellers to be utilized to start and maintain a family garden that makes it possible to provide producers with the means to:

  • Grow crops to meet the nutritious needs of families
  • Produce product for sale
  • Produce herbal and/or pharmaceutical crops
  • Teach sustainability to children and other family members

This service receives benefit of technical assistance offered to Langetree by: 

  • Prairie View A & M University faculty and Extension agents
  • U.S.D.A. Agencies - NRCS, HUD, Rural Development and NASS
  • A & M University Agra - Life and the Private Sector

This component will make available equipment necessary to ready the plots of land for planting or harvesting.

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