Meditation Gardens

Touch Base with Mother Nature

Sit for just ten minutes on a comfortable wooden bench at the Langetree's  DUCK FARM Retreat & Eco Center pond, and you might experience all of this:  A warm breeze in the late afternoon sun.  Langetree's ducks swimming in the water, or foraging on the pond's island.  The cry of a hawk overhead.  A snowy white heron standing on the pond's shallow edge.  Sunlight shimmering on the water.  Dragonflies gliding past.  Warious other native birds and insects mingling their music with the muffled murmur of FM 770 traffic, and the many wind chimes on the Eco Center grouds.  And orange butterfly sipping nectar from the tiny yellow flowers behind you.  Sit for just tem minutes in that peaceful place, and return to your life's responsibilities, renewed.

 Enjoy our butterfly gardens, sit at the side of our pond, in front of the house or walk among our Memorial Grdens, including dedicated statues and citrus trees.

Memorial Gardens